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I like making friends, I like cycling, I like improving myself, and I like beating people. Therefore, I’m pretty much the perfect chick to use Strava. I’ve always been a numbers geek and enjoy tracking how far I’ve ridden, how fast I’ve ridden, and where I’ve gone, but Strava takes it a step further and makes my training competitive and social, even if I’ve just completed a solo ride up Highway 9.

When I upload a ride, Strava compares my times on user created segments to those of everyone else who’s ridden that segment. A segment could be the climb up Mt. Hamilton from bottom to top, or it could be my driveway, it doesn’t matter. Then you can see rankings for each segment and where you fall in the mix. It’s also social, allowing you to “follow” friends, comment on their rides, and track your overall fitness. It’s super fun!

Here’s a summary of my latest rides on Strava, enjoy!

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