14 1/2 Weeks

Like 9 1/2 weeks, only five more, and way less sexy. I’ve always heard that pregnant chicks “glow,” but my body is having none of it.

My life is a whirlwind of work, exercise, extreme nesting in the new Santa Rosa home, and wedding planning. Now that we’ve survived the tenuous first trimester (first trimester miscarriage rates are as high as 1 in 5) and cleared the chromosomal testing, I’ve been breathing about a hundred sighs of relief every day.

Now I’ve just gotta not screw it up. So, Tuesday was my last “interesting” mountain bike ride; a 20 mile, two and a half hour jaunt around Annadel State Park in Santa Rosa. Making it extra special were my pal Diana, and two new pals, Julie and Kelly. The risks are just too great; one false move down a trail like Lawndale, one burped tire, one kamikaze squirrel (of the animal or human variety), one unlucky landing, and baby mayhem could be history.

Funnily enough, my doctor told me with great vehemence that I am not to go skiing. I did, in fact, go skiing, in Breckenridge a couple weeks ago. I’m not a confident double black diamond skier, but I’m pretty damned confident everywhere else, and don’t crash (a lot). Besides, there was so much powder that the couple times I tipped over (at, like, 3 mph) it was like landing in a little cloud.

She breezily said that I could continue to ride my bike until 28 weeks. I’m not sure that she’s aware of that fact that to me and my friends, bike riding usually means this:

This is Diana filming yesterday, with me here and there just ahead of her. I was playing it very safe, but still having some fun. So, goodbye “interesting” mountain biking. I’ll continue to ride road, carefully, and some boring, safe trails, as well as jog, hike and get into the gym.

Belly Pic:

Haven't found a great place or outfit or system yet for these belly pics - house is still a mess!

How far along? 14.5 weeks
How big is the baby? Lemon
Weight Gained: 5 pounds. Really feeling it going uphill on my bicycle.
Waist Size:
Exercising: I’ve been biking and running an average of 8-12 hours per week. Last week, it was ten hours even. 3 road rides for 90 miles, one 20 mile mountain bike ride, and a fun hike/jog with my sister for five miles at Quicksilver Park in San Jose. She motors!
Stretch marks? No
Symptoms: Bloated! Congested! Dry skin. Bad skin. Not fitting into my jeans anymore.
Sleep: 7-8 hours a night
Best moment this week: Best moment of the last couple weeks: learning that baby mayhem is in perfect chromosomal condition, and, a boy. Seeing him kick and thrash in the ultrasound.
Miss Anything? Wine, pushing myself on the bike, feeling like I can ride down mountain bike trails with abandon
Number of times I get up to pee each night: 2-4
Movement: not that I can feel yet
Food cravings: waffles, cake, bread, cheese
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. I’m fortunate to not have had any morning sickness.
Have you started to show yet: Sort of. The girls on my ride Tuesday commented on it!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: God I hope not.
Belly Button in or out? In!
Mood: Definitely more emotional than usual. Sad songs, even happy songs, make me cry. I’ve been having to listen to a lot of news radio lately to preserve my eye makeup.
Looking forward to: Going backpacking in the Santa Cruz mountains with Nikki!

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